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September 23 2011


Understanding Technology and Stability in Tunisia


As my airport taxi rolled into central Tunis, I was struck by the sheer volume of satellites straining towards the sky. Saucer-shaped dishes sprung every which way from buildings, roofs, and balconies like a sea of invading alien ships. Make no mistake: Tunisians are very well connected.

Granted, my attention was biased. I’m here in Tunisia with a team from Reboot to understand how information a...

September 20 2011


Empathy in Design: May Efficient Never Replace Human


Why do humans enjoy architecture? Why do we feel inspired in well executed spaces? Some say good architecture expresses the complexity of humanity. Are we moved that someone took into account our humanity, our complexity, in their work? Is feeling understood itself a source of comfort and inspiration? If so, how can designers bring this same consideration into creating and improving...

September 15 2011


Ian Bogost - Gamification is Bullshit


My position statement at the Wharton Gamification Symposium - (Also available in Portuguese, Japanese, and reprinted at The Atlantic and Kotaku) In his short treatise On Bullshit, the moral philosopher Harry Frankfurt gives us a useful theory of bullshit. We normally think of bullshit as a synonym—albeit a somewhat vulgar one—for lies or deceit. But Frankfurt argues that bullshit...

MindLab - Public managers as designers


The project focuses on how public managers think and act when they craft new policies and services, and how this leadership practice can be strengthened. There is thus focus both on design as a management philosophy, and on design as practice.

Design as a management philosophy has to do with the ability to balance two opposing ideas at the same time, using dilemmas as a powerful force for fresh ...


MindLab - Irrational consumers with good reasons


Danes are loyal customers when they go shopping, visit the dentist or borrow from the bank. They choose the places they are used to visiting and rarely investigate the possibility of getting a better deal elsewhere. The Consumer Agency believes this is unfortunate, because consumers with more awareness would encourage competition and create a better situation for themselves. MindLab helped the ...


MindLab - Away with the Red Tape for Young Taxpayers


Young taxpayers are at a point in their lives where they have to gain know-how and competences in a lot of areas and on many fronts, so knowledge about their tax situation is a long way down their list of things to do. This means that it is difficult interviewing this group of citizens about their taxes. They simply cannot remember or perhaps don’t even know what they did or did not do when it ...

MindLab - Youths’ understanding of personal finances


The Ministry of Taxation, Ministry of Employment, and Ministry of Economics and Business Affairs wanted to know how the ministries could improve youths’ knowledge of the economical aspects of being citizens in a welfare society, e.g. personal finances, unemployment and tax. The purpose was especially to understand how upper secondary schools can teach fundamental economical concepts and make...

MindLab - Officials on the hunt for burdens


MindLab was responsible for developing a method to identify irritant burdens that are being suffered by companies. In addition, project managers from MindLab tested their method in an inter-ministerial project known as ‘The burden hunters’, with participation from officials from the Ministries of Economic and Business Affairs, Employment and Taxation. The project was implemented jointly with...


About VINNOVA - Vinnova


VINNOVA, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, is Sweden’s innovation agency. Our aim is to increase the competitiveness of Swedish researchers and companies.

About VINNOVA - Vinnova


VINNOVA, Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems, is Sweden’s innovation agency. Our aim is to increase the competitiveness of Swedish researchers and companies.

Sitra - Programme operations, funding and innovations


Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund is an independent public fund which promotes the wellbeing of Finnish society under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament.

August 03 2011


Twitter vs. Weibo, What Trends in Chinese Social Media

TechNodeTechNode | TechNode

fied accounts among the top 100 trend-setters on Sina Weibo than on Twitter and most of the unverified accounts feature discussion forums for user-contributed jokes, images and videos. So [...] Related posts:
  1. Popularity of Sina Weibo will soon exceed Twitter
  2. Six Business Models Built On Sina Weibo, Monetizing Microblog in China Sounds Easy
  3. The Segmented Chinese Online Social Media

July 28 2011


Polyphasic sleep - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


In an early mention of systematic napping as a lifestyle, in order to gain more time awake in the day, Buckminster Fuller reportedly advocated a regimen consisting of 30-minute naps every six hours. The short article about Fuller's nap schedule in Time in 1943 also refers to such a schedule as "intermittent sleeping," says that he maintained it for two years, and further notes:

Eventually he...

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Buckminster Fuller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


a project that would make him famous: the geodesic dome. Although the geodesic dome had been created some 30 years earlier by Dr. Walther Bauersfeld, Fuller was awarded United States patents. He is credited for popularizing this type of structure.

peterme.com: "Design Thinking" as ipecac


I had the opportunity to chat with Michael Bierut, partner at Pentagram and former president of the AIGA, at the Design Observer/Speak Up party last night. I asked him what he thinks of the "design thinking" meme. He remarked that, if he started talking "design thinking" within Pentagram, Paula Scher, another partner, would throw up. He actually stated it twice, for effect. Paula Scher throws u...


peterme.com: The Dark Side of Design Thinking


Shared by triciawang
Designers often hate the idea that their designs most live on in the hands of the users. They obsess over every detail as they plot a world of what should be. Stewart Brand wrote a whole book with this as its theme -- How Buildings Learn deals a lot with overbearing signature architects and their determination of what the experience should be, and the struggle of the...

July 24 2011


Google Plus Deleting Accounts En Masse: No Clear Answers | ZDNet


A number of Google+ accounts have been deleted in the last 24 hours as the new social network struggles with real name policy.

July 21 2011


Will You Buy a Weibo Phone? I Wouldn’t

TechNodeTechNode | TechNode

HTC has worked with Facebook and released its HTC ChaCha and HTC Salsa which have a dedicated Facebook key to give users one-touch access to their social network. Now HTC did it again in China, but not with the social network RenRen. Instead, HTC partners with Sina Weibo. The phone model is HTC Salsa with the Facebook button replaced by Sina Weibo, for Chinese market, it’s renamed to Weike.

It ...

June 23 2011


Apple COO Tim Cook visits China Mobile, sparks speculation on iPhone partnership

The Next Web


Apple COO Tim Cook reportedly visited China Mobile yesterday, causing speculation that the Cupertino company is in negotiations with China’s largest telecommunications operator about the release of the next generation iPhone or a prospective TD-LTE iPhone on the network.

China Mobile has long been rumored to be in talks with Apple about an iPhone partnership; however, currently only rival China ...

June 16 2011

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